Author: Brian C. Williams | Date: November 22, 2016 | Please Comment!

You’ve been looking at various collars for your new dog but can’t make up your mind.

There are just too many options!

However, your eye has been hovering on a custom spiked dog collar and you’re debating whether or not it’s the right choice for your dog.

Absolutely! And here is why.

Your Dog Will Be Easier To Find

If your dog escapes your yard and goes for a little personal journey of self-discovery, it is important that they get found as quickly as possible.

Do you think the average person would have an easier time spotting a dog with a plain old collar or one in a custom spiked dog collar?

A dog wearing one is making an immediate fashion statement, one that will make them stand out in people’s minds easier.

This is absolutely crucial, as a failure to find your dog within the first two or three hours makes it less likely that they’ll be found.

Collars Make Them Easier To Control

Dog collars have been used for centuries as a way to train and control dogs.

Custom spiked dog collars are great because they make your dog easier to control in several different ways.

The most obvious reason is how easy it will be to grab a hold of the spikes if you are trying to chase them down.

Smaller collars are harder to grab, but spikes will make them easier to grip and coral their bad behaviors.

What is particularly nice about this is that your dog will quickly grow to understand this about their collar.

Dogs are very smart, and if they’re aware that their collar can be used against them, they will learn to give up the fight a lot sooner.

This is especially true of custom spiked dog collars.

Custom Spiked Collars Make Them Look Cool

Beyond these simple and important benefits of custom spiked dog collars is the fact that they simply look cool.

Punk fashion has used spikes for years as a way of showing rebellion.

Even if your dog is the sweetest pup in existence, a custom spiked collar will make them look cool and a lot tougher.

Great decoration ideas, such as adding their name and other decorative elements, on the collar will also make your dog more memorable and easy to find.

This is important for those moments, as mentioned above, when your dog escapes your yard and goes on a little bit of a walking trip.

So why not take your dog to the pet shop and see how cool they look with a custom spiked dog collar? While you’re there, you can get them fit for one that comfortably loops around their neck without pinching.

You can also find some cool accessories that will fit well with the collar.

Why not go all the way and create your own fun punk fashion for when you take your dog out for a walk?

You don’t need to wear those clothes all of the time, but it can be fun to match your pup occasionally to see what kind of looks you get from your neighbors.

Most will, likely, be quite amused.

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