Author: Brian C. Williams | Date: August 20, 2016 | Please Comment!

The Kingpin Folding Giant Chair is everything you could expect in a Kingpin folding chair of its size.

Whether you mean to sit several people on the chair at once or simply would like to go the extra mile to have the most comfortable folding chair at your disposal, this particular product is likely just what you’ve been looking for.

Below, we’ll hold the Kingpin folding chair in question up to scrutiny through rating it on a criteria of comfort, portability, durability and stability.

Let’s get to it.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the Kingpin Folding Giant Chair, it’s likely for one main reason, the comfort it has to offer.

Now, the chair in question doesn’t achieve its supreme level of comfort through typical means one would expect in a folding chair.

It is the chair’s sheer size that truly sets it apart in this regard.

Whether you want to sit upright, kick back or even lay down and take a nap, this chair likely has just what you need.

When it comes to comfort, it’s very hard to beat this chair.

Of course, nobody really expect a giant folding chair to be able to fit in one’s backpack, and this particular chair is no exception.

Unless you plan on traveling a very short distance out to your front or back yard, be prepared to have some mode of transportation right to your outdoor site if you plan on bringing this chair with you.

The reason this Kingpin folding chair got two stars in this regard (as opposed to one) is because it tends to be lighter than one might expect given its extremely large stature.

I had to knock one star off of the chair’s durability score for one major reason – it has a whole lot of fabric.

Of course, this is to be expected when dealing with a large chair.

However, it’s important to remember that you’ll be dealing with several folding chairs’ worth of fabric when you use this particular product, meaning you may be slightly more likely to find yourself dealing with holes after prolonged use if you’re not careful.

Still, relative to others of its size, the Kingpin Folding Giant chair carries with it a more-than-acceptable level of durability.

When dealing with a chair of this size, you can be sure that any weight placed on it will be spread out very far.

This makes the odds of the chair tipping over very small.

Unless everyone on the chair leans off of one side, you’ll likely never have to worry about it toppling over under normal circumstances.

The Kingpin Folding Giant Chair is likely the best choice for those who don’t mind sacrificing portability in exchange for a very high level of comfort.

The chair can be used as a normal folding chair, a couch or even a hammock, giving it a multi-purpose feel which may even save you money on other outdoor products.

If it’s comfort you’re after, you’ve found it.

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